Carl's Premium Deer Processing


Right on Hwy 59 in Loxley, Alabama

Makers of Premium Venison Sausage and Other Fine Venison Products

We have reopened for the season and look forward to serving you soon! We tried skinning deer again last season, but unfortunately, we did not get enough request to hire a skinner, so we will NOT be skinning deer this year. Please bring them quartered, clean, and hair free!

Please remember to game check your deer within 48 hours of harvest. We do have to have a copy of the transfer of possession to accept your Alabama deer meat because of new State regulations. The information can be written on any sheet of paper. For out of state hunters, yes, we want your business! Because the law changed a few years ago and it is illegal to cross State lines with deer bones, you will need to debone your meat before bringing it to us. We would love to process your out of State deboned meat.

Located just outside Mobile in Loxley, Alabama, we are professional venision processors with over 20 years of experience. All we need is your deer meat to make wonderful link sausages in 12 varieties, burgers, tenderized steaks, smoked stuffed bacon wrapped backstraps, venison sticks, summer sausages, fresh market patty sausage, Salisbury seasoned burger, raw jerky or fajita strips, BOUDIN, and more. We vacuum pack and pressure pack your products in small, convenient packages to ensure you have a quality product when you pull it out of the freezer months from now. Every order is important to us and we sincerely appreciate your business!

We are a family run business. John Carl, a former grocer, and Kristie Carl, a CPA, have been married for over 30 years and have 7 kids you will likely see helping in the business after school and on Saturdays. We are FULL TIME Spanish Fort, Alabama residents, and all of your meat has always been processed right here in our facility in Loxley. In 2002, we moved to Alabama from Jackson, MS, where we opened our first deer processing facility in 1998. John opened his first grocery store in 1984 and also had meat markets. In addition to working in the family businesses, Kristie practiced full time accounting with a firm, but since moving to Alabama, devotes all her time to the family business along with John. We no longer have any businesses anywhere but here in Loxley. We love the great people from this area and truly enjoy working here. Thank you for trusting your product with us, we sincerely appreciate it. Along with our hard working employees, we will do everything we can to ensure you get the best high quality product available!


These are some of our more frequently asked questions.

What do you vacuum pack?

EVERYTHING! Quality is important, and we feel the best quality is maintained through vacuum packing. We have purchased a new roll stock machine that uses thick 7mil film to keep your meat fresh for a very long time.

Is there an extra charge for vacuum packing?

No, because quality is so important to us, we vacuum pack all of our products. We want you to be happy with your product if you pull it out of your freezer a year from now. Vacuum packing ensures that your product will keep its quality.

How do you package your burger?

We now vacuum package all of our burger in 2 pound, thick 7mil vacuum film. Bye Bye thin bloody burger bags, hello fresh and clean!

Do I need to call before I drop off my meat?

No, customers may drop off their meat anytime during regular business hours. Every customer is important to us and we will always "make room" for your meat. We have a great deal of storage space, and will not turn down your meat because we are low on space.

Why do you do your pickups by appointment?

You can pick up your meat anytime during regular business hours, as long as we know that day, atleast one hour in advance. The reason we do it this way is so that you don't have to wait in our lobby while we go in the freezer to move all the meat around to get your order. It also helps to keep us organized, since during gun season, their are usually numerous people dropping off and picking up at the same time. It is our experience that an organized effort produces a much better result.